Medien 2012

Freiwilligenagenturen und Förderung bürgerschaftlichen Engagements


Meyer. Ute, 2012

Die Rolle von Freiwilligenagenturen bei der Förderung des bür­ger­schaft­li­chen Engagements.

Potsdam, Universitätsverlag Potsdam
ISBN: 978-3-86956-188-2

Aus dem INHALT: Bürgerschaftliches Engagement als Ausdruck des aktivierenden Staates | Die Rolle von Freiwilligenagenturen im aktivierenden Staat | Bürgerschaftliches Engagement im Land Berlin | Bürgerschaftliches Engagement im Bezirk Marzahn-Hellersdorf | Bürgerschaftliches Engagement im Bezirk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg | Vergleich: FreiwilligenAgentur Marzahn-Hellersdorf und Frei­wil­li­gen­Agen­tur KreuzbergFriedrichshain
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Weitere INFORMATIONEN: Universität Potsdam, MA 2011

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The Role of the Third Sector in Delivering Social Care


Alcock, Pete; Allen, Kerry; Dickinson, Helen; Glas­by, Jon; Macmillan, Rob, 2012

The Role of the Third Sector in De­li­ver­ing Social Care.

London, NIHR School for Social Care Re­search, London School of Economics and Political Science | ISBN: 978-0-85328-443-7

Zum INHALT: … The overall conclusion from this review is that there is a relative lack of robust research relating to the role of third sector organisations in delivering social care services. This is despite the long history of this role and its growing, and changing, importance in recent and current policy contexts. … There are significant gaps in the approaches to researching the third sector and social care. There is a theoretical lacuna in the literature. There is a need to clarify the dif­fe­rent organisational forms involved in the delivery of social care and to explore the different roles that third sector organisations have played in delivering services and campaigning. There is also a sig­ni­fi­cant empirical lacuna… (Abstract)


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